Russian Villages for Rommel in 3mm

Pushing forward with my Rommel project in 3mm, I decided to add some scenery and as luck would have it, Brigade Models had just released their 3mm Russian villages. I have lots of Brigade Models' 3mm buildings that I use for Blucher, but these are western Europe in style and work fine for Belgium in the 19th Century, but not for the steppes of Mother Russia.

A 3mm Russian Village

I cut out three bases of 3.5" squares of 1mm Plasticard and created each village from a pack each of the houses and barns. I added coffee stirrers split in half as fences to break up the shape of each village and add some interest. I didn't put too many fences in, as many of the pictures of Russian villages that I have seen show they didn't use as many fences as in the west. Using flock to break up the edges, I also added clump foliage as trees and bushes.

A 3mm scale Russian Village by Brigade Models

These can easily be used in Blucher for rural settlements as a lot of structures in the 19th century would be made from wood the further away from the cities you go. The only slight issue being the onion-domed wooden church in the centre of each settlement, but plenty of villages have small churches in them, so it's not a big factor.

Another 3mm Russian Village by Brigade Models

I bought enough houses to make three villages, which should be enough for now, I can always expand later should I feel the need. To give you a sense of how big they are, you can see three bases of 3mm T-34s in the picture below to give you an idea:

Russian Villages and Soviet tanks in 3mm

These didn't take me very long to create and I am pleased with how they turned out, it's good to have scenery that matches the size and scale of the Rommel games and best of all they were cheap!


  1. They look great- I like the walls added in.



    1. Thanks Pete, I added the walls and fences to break up the shape and I think it works!

  2. Now your just showing off Alex, 3mm!! My eyes would refuse to work and never forgive me if I even thought about that scale. 😩

    1. Ha ha, I know you won't believe me, but these were super easy to paint! Literally, I base coated them in primer, painted them in Green Grey, then washed them with Army Painter Strong Tone, then drybrushed them in Khaki. I painted the chimneys in brick red and that was it! Easy peasy!

  3. They look great - and the walls /fences - IMO - really make them look the 'biz'!
    Nicely done!

    1. Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked them!


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