Ex Joan of Arc 2018: Official Photographs

As you may be aware, in June I was involved with the excavation of a First World War tank at Bullecourt with the help of wounded, injured and sick veterans as part of Operation Nightingale. Just recently the official photos from the project have been released (link below). 

The following is from the official Operation Nightingale Facebok page, please bear it in mind when viewing the pictures: 

We are delighted to release the photographic journal of the Operation Nightingale/Breaking Ground Heritgae excavation at Bullecourt this summer by our superb photographer Harvey Mills. Please note that there are a couple of photographs of human remains within this journal. We do this not for reasons of sensationalism but rather to illustrate both the horror of conflict and to address the pathos of working on such a site with veterans of modern conflict. THESE IMAGES ARE SOLELY FOR THE COMPLETENESS OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND VISUAL RECORD. Please do not take single images from this album for use in a sensational fashion elsewhere. Instead we hope you find them thought-provoking and demonstrative of the huge skills of our veterans. Thank you

See the Photographs by clicking HERE.

Support Operation Nightingale by liking the Facebook Page HERE and Breaking Ground Heritage by liking their Facebook page HERE

I have just returned from Vienna and will be giving you an update about that trip, very soon, so please stay tuned!


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