5th Hanoverian Brigade, 5th Division in 6mm

I've been making steady progress with my 100 Days Campaign in 6mm, and given the recent Bank Holiday weekend, I was able to knock out a couple of Allied units. Including the 5th Hanoverian Brigade of 5th Division, under Colonel von Vinke.

This is an average conscript unit of Hanoverians, but they were heavily engaged at Quatre-Bras and took heavy fire from the French battery on the morning of Waterloo and stood directly in front of d'Erlon's cavalry attack! 

The unit consists of the City battalions Giffhorn, Hameln, Hildesheim and Peine. In the absence of correct flags, I have reused the Hanoverian flags that I was able to source off a website I once stumbled on. I can't find it again, so I am glad I kept a copy of the flags...

Another one ticked off the list! All the information that I am using for building this project has mostly come from the excellent website Cent Jours, although it is in French (I don't speak it) it is a wealth of information on the uniforms of the Waterloo campaign. I am also using Mark Adkin's excellent The Waterloo Companion. This is packed full of information mainly about Waterloo, but has plenty about the whole campaign as well.

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