A Mixed Bag

I was in Vienna again last weekend and this coming week I will be attempting to get to St Kilda again (should the weather be kind...). So, I have not really had a chance to get my teeth into anything solid, but I have not been lazy, so here's a mixed bag of things I have been up to:

First up, I have been contemplating how Stalingrad would work with Rommel, using its 1km square grids. So I found this German map of Stalingrad from June 1942 and overlaid a 1km grid over the city and surrounding areas. The city seems to sit perfectly in several squares with the Volga acting as a back line. Food for thought?

Speaking of Russia in WW2, I also quickly knocked together two spare KV-1 bodies from Zvezda (I think I gave the turrets to Dean). I drilled out the top of the tank and they will serve as wrecks or half finished tanks in a factory.

As mentioned, I was in Vienna last weekend visiting my wife. We had a great time, and I also spotted this mural commemorating the creation of Taborstra├če in 1409, if my translation is correct.

And finally, I have started work on the second of my new batch of Commission Figurines buildings, this time I am using wallpaper for the interior. More on this as it develops.

Watch this space and thanks for reading!


  1. I'd be very interested in seeing how your Stalingrad game goes- would you be able to get sufficient troop density in using the rules?

    I'm wrestling with similar problems with a megagame I'm currently writing.



    1. Thanks, it's very much a drawing board game at the moment. As you say, the troop densities in the city will be an issue as Rommel only allows three units to a square. Perhaps the urban areas can be given a different rule, increase it to four, or even five?


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