A Mark IV for the Cambrai Centenary

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai, known mostly for it's use of mass tanks, in particular, Mark IVs. Over the last few months, I have been building a Mark IV that was bought for me for my birthday back in July. I wanted to make a vignette using the model and wanted to add a couple of figures to emphasis combined operations. The figures came from Tamiya and they are lovely minis, really nice poses and sharp detail.

I based the plinth with Pollyfilla, covered this in actual mud from my garden and grassed it with static grass. I used matt varnish to fold the static grass in place and fortuitously, this slightly frosted as it dried and gives the scene a slightly cold late in the year 1917 feel to it. You may wonder why this landship isn't sailing over a sea of mud, shellcraters and body parts? Well, Cambrai was partially chosen for the tank attack due to it's relativity unbroken ground. Anyhow, enough waffle, here are the pictures:

I may add more things to the base in the future, but I'm happy with it for now!

Thanks for reading!


  1. A great looking vignette and a nice tribute!

  2. Great work- a fitting tribute.



  3. That's a fine looking tribute, I picked up a set of the Tamiya's WW1 infantry but I haven't had the time to even open the box yet!

    1. Thanks Russ. The figures are really nice, well posed and clean moulding. You'll enjoy building them, I'm sure!


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