More Citizens For Mega-City One

I return to this blog as a married man, the wedding is over, the honeymoon is finished and I am back with brush in hand. The first figures I have completed recently are four Mega-City One citizens whom I bought in Warlord's Judge Dredd sale. 

The first guy reminds me a bit of a creature from a Hieronymus Bosch painting. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the medieval style shoes and the weird helmet he's wearing.

Next up is this delivery guy, it is a harmless package or a consignment of illegal Umpty Candy?

Here's a woman stepping out in the latest Mega City fashion, horned helmets paired with green hair are all the rage in 2139!

And finally a perp who has become unstuck and handcuffed to a holding post.

As I mentioned, we had our wedding and as part of it there was a cake baking competition open to our friends and families. I tried to take pictures of as many as I could, but I was  a bit drunk... But here they all are, can you tell which one won the competition?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on your wedding.

    Some nice looking cakes there.



  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm cakes! Congratulations to you both, and welcome to the club, I've being married 20 years and I wouldn't change a single day of it 😀

    1. Thanks Russ, the cakes were great and we were eating them for about a week after! 20 years a good old long time, congratulations yourself!


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