The Last of the Norsemen

A short post this, I have been away on holiday and not had a chance to paint much. That said, I finished off the Vikings that I bought at Vapnartak. You may remember they are the ones from Museum Miniatures and Peter Pig:

Alongside these figures, I also put the very last finishing touches to the Icelandic farm buildings, namely a small courtyard to join the structures together. This was simply a piece of plasticard, textured with sand and painted.

As I mentioned, I have been away on holiday. It was to the North Yorkshire coast for a few days, but whilst I was there we went to Scarborough, where I saw this preserved 13lber QF Vickers gun that had been rescued from the sea bed. Here's a few pictures of it:

And a commemoration plaque to the Christmas present the Germany Navy gave the people of Scarborough in 1914.

And the best ship-in-a-bottle I've ever seen at Whitby museum.

As I said, a short post, but thanks for reading!


  1. I like the farm- looks nice- can just imagine it being the site of a tense night time raid.



    1. Thanks Pete, that's exactly what I'll be using it for!

  2. Nice job, love the farm...

    1. Thanks Phil, I think the courtyard really brings it all together.


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