Vapnartak 2017

Sunday the 5th of February was the date for 2017's annual Vapnartak show, held at the Racecourse in York. Unfortunately, Dean couldn't make it this year as something had come up, but Ninjasaurus Rex and I made the trip north to see the little men. Below is a photo dump of the pictures I took of some of the games on display (not all of them mind!), so enjoy the eye candy:

Large First World War desert game, with a nice British 60lber gun line:

Peter Pig's Men of Company B Vietnam rules demonstration:

An excellent looking Oldhammer game involving lizardmen, predators and Vikings:

A Zombie apocalypse game:

A large scale post-medieval battle on the edge of a fortified town (I'm sorry, I didn't get any details of this game...).

Wings of Glory Battle of Britain game:

And First World War equivalent.

I went with no lead list this year, but always like to come away with something. This year, I bought myself some Vikings from Museum Miniatures and Peter Pig (along with some Japanese peasants for Dean) and the board game Machi Koro, which I have heard lots of good things about:

We also had the good fortune of bumping into people we knew and meeting new ones. All in all, a great day and one of the best shows here in the north!


  1. Thanks, I was there in the morning and it was really busy. Nice to see all scales being represented at this show,

    1. Thanks Norm, we were there from between 1130 and 1400 and it was very busy although it thinned out a little towards the end. But one of the guys I met was telling me they had over five hundred people through the door by ten AM!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed our little show. We had close to 1800 people in the venue combining visitors and competition players and demo game runners. We try to keep the location of traders similar year on year, our churn is low as the traders want to come back but we put a few new traders in each year as others decide to not return.

    1. Little? It sounds and looks pretty big to me! It's excellent and please keep it going!


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