6mm French 8lbers

So, stepping away from the 28mm Judge Dredd project for a moment, I rewound to the 6mm Napoleonic project. From giants to midgets. 

I have not painted any 6mm figures sice before we moved house, so to ease myself back into the small stuff, I painted some French artillery as attached tokens. I had done these with the British and Brunswicks, but not for the French yet. They are 8lbers from Baccus:

Each is mounted on their own square MDF base.

So when they are in use in a game they will rest on the back of the Brigade bases to show that the unit has extra firepower.

I am considering making an artillery base that has square cut-outs to place these pieces in to make a battery, but that is something I have yet to tackle. It may not look as good as I think it will in my mind...

Thanks for reading!


  1. They look good- I'd definately try them in a sabot base.




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