Book Sale!

I have just listed a lot of 122 books on Ebay, mostly military and history books. I am trying to free up some room and they are ones that I just don't need any more. I have had a lot for over twenty years and although they are unneeded it's hard to part with them! Unfortunately, I can only offer local delivery, unless someone wants to pay the delivery on them (which will be a lot, I should think). They would be great to add to a collection or to start a new one, or even for a second hand bookshop. Here are the books that are included in the sale:

And if you are interested, here is the link to the EBAY SALE. Please share this post so that the most people can see them. 

As you can probably tell, the war room is still in a state of disarray, so no painting or gaming has taken place up there yet...