1st Brigade, 6th Infantry Division in 6mm

Although I haven't had much time recently to do any painting, I did manage to finish off another French 100 Days brigade. This is the 1st Brigade of the 6th Infantry Division. The Division was commanded by Prince Jerome Bonaparte, non-other than the brother of the Emperor Himself. The 1st brigade was commanded by Baron Bauduin, who was killed during the campaign and was made up of the 1st Light and 3rd Line regiments (according to centjours).

The 1st Brigade is also over strength, as usual, represented by five battalions instead of four.

The brigade was heavily engaged at Quatre-Bras and also opened the day at Waterloo with a diversionary attack on Hougoumont. However, this turned into a day long slog, but only once did the French force the an entrance into the Châteaux.

As I said, things are a bit busy here, what with the impending house move and other life obstacles, so my painting will take a back seat, for the foreseeable. I'll post when I can, but output may be a bit patchy!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your work never fails to impress, even in such a small scale it's epic on everything but size!

  2. That's rather nice. I like how you're varying unit "density".

    1. Thanks, the unit sizes will help identification in the heat of battle. It's the same with the skirmishers, some units have none and I haven't included their figures on the base.


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