Big (15mm) Men

Through the Mud and the Blood needs 'Big Men' to lead the rankers into action, otherwise they become inactive during rounds and will only defend themselves. The Big Men range from Corporals all the way up to high ranking officers and each has an status level, usually in tune with their rank. I needed a few officers, but Peter Pig only supply one of each in the normal infantry packs, so I asked if two special packs each of eight German and eight British officer figures could be made up. PP promptly replied, I even had a phonecall from Nigel to confirm what I wanted on Friday morning and by Saturday morning they had arrived! That's what I call great customer service!

The Big Men were all mounted on slightly larger bases than the other soldiers, with a 20mm diameter. This allowed me to add their names and status on the base, using my old labels that I made to fit in with Sidney Roundwood's excellent card sets. You can download and print off my labels HERE. They are 19mm in diameter when printed at 100%.

The German Big Men were completed in the same way as the British above. I decided to use the higher ranking officer labels for these figures. The Corporals and Sergeants will be similar to the rank and file, as they would have been.

Again, the larger size of the base really makes the Big men stand out during a game and means we won't be checking under the base of every figure trying to find them!

I am still selling my collection of British 20mm First World War figures, to partly fund this project but also clear out some space. You can find them on EBay HERE. I am asking a bit for them but there is everything you need for a quickly usable force, including two tanks!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice work. Do the rules prevent players from taking advantage of the fact the officers are now easily indetifiable? Targetting them and so on?



    1. Thanks Pete, from what I remember, casualties are taken from the group that a Big man is attached to and you can't fire at them directly. Unless they are on their own, of course.

    2. Thanks- never played Through the MNud and the Blood.




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