1/48th Fokker DVII WIP Part Four

The next stage in the Fokker build was to add the decals to the underside of both sets of wings. Unfortunately, the upper wings of the Směr kit are too long by a few millimetres for the Aviattic decals and I was left with a couple of white strips where they didn't match up.

The upper wing was left to dry while I turned my attention to the lower wing. Again, this suffered from being too large for the decals, but there was a few extras on the Aviattic sheet. This meant I was able to cover the wings properly even though there was a little bit of white showing through.

Back up on top, I decided to paint the gaps rather than cut out tiny decals from the decal sheet. This was a case of mixing down some paints until they closely matched the lozenge pattern. The match is not perfect, but this is the under surface of the upper wing so will not be readily visible.

With the wings finished all that remained was the put the final parts of the plane together, I was very surprised at how easily the top wing went on and everything matched up perfectly well. Unfortunately, at some point in the build I had lost the two rear fuselage struts so I had to make two new ones from some spare MDF strips that I had.Once they were painted black and put into place they looked spot on to me.

I varnished the plane and decided not to add any weathering. I normally weather my planes, but for once I thought the colour scheme was too nice to wreck with oil stains and the like, so I left it as it was.

I would normally matt varnish my models as well, but again, I left this one in a gloss coat. The colour scheme fitted this shiny finish and the colours really pop out.

So there you have it, a very simple model to build, along with some great additions from the Aviattic decals and I am pleased with the end result. It would have been completed quicker had it not been for my attempts at adding more detail to the kit.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That looks great- was nice to see it come together through the wip posts.



    1. Thanks Pete, it took a little longer than I thought it would, which is why it was broken down into these posts!


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