Episode IV and a Half

On Thursday, Ninjasaurus and I got together for a game of Star Wars Miniatures Battles, it was his first ever game and my first game for over twenty years. As you may know, I have been putting together a 15mm Star Wars project for a while now, but unfortunately we had to abandon the game almost as soon as we had started. My better half called me from work to ask if I could go and pick her up as she had come down with flu! However, here are a few pictures of the one and only turn that we had!

Two squads of ten Rebel Troopers along with a two-man HQ were defending a small shield generator. Three eight man Stormtrooper squads were trying to capture the structure and this was the initial set-up:

Rebel scum lined the hedgerows and woodland surrounding the generators.

I advanced my right flank squad towards the hedges, however, they came under blaster fire from the woods.

The Rebels scored four hits, unfortunately for me, three of which landed on the guy with the repeating blaster. The hits incapacitated this man and one another while the remaining six continued their advance.

On the left, I had good cover to advance through and started making moves towards the Rebel lines.

The left-hand squad climbed the small hill and started firing at the four Rebels they could see in the woods, wounding one and incapacitating another.

Unfortunately that was where we had to leave it for now. I was two Stormtroopers down and he had lost one Rebel, with another being wounded.

From what little we saw of it, SWMB is a great game, it has an old school IGOUGO feel to it, but also has enough detail to make it feel like a skirmish game. The rules flow easily and are simple enough not to have to keep referring to the book. Just what you need from a fast playing game.

Whilst I was helping the missus convalesce, I started working on my own version of the SWMB Squad Record Sheets, but using Excel instead. It took a while to get around the intricacies of Excel, but I managed to turn out something like this:

It makes thing a lot easier as I have inserted formulas for the points system, so there is no adding up as you go along, just simply fill in the sheets in the appropriate place and your points are generated at the end. It's not as snazzy as the original, but makes up for it in time saved. I filled mine in, PDFed them, printed them, and then laminated them for reference during the game.

Here's the Link to my Google Sheets file for the Squad Records:

Star Wars Squad Record Sheet

Download to your heart's content. You may find that they need a little tweaking here and there, and make sure that you print them so they'll fit on an A4 page. I have yet to design the Hero, Droid and Creature sheets, but I'll post them here when I do.

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a shame you didn't get to play a full game.... Reschedule soon.


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