We Don't Need That Scum

I am currently trying to clear my painting table of left over projects, one of which is a bunch of 15mm Star Wars figures. They are designed for Star Wars Miniatures Battles, and have been hanging around on my desk since before Christmas. Taking advantage of unemployment, I hammered through them to finish them off.

First up are these Rebel Fleet Trooper Heavy Blaster crews. as with my other Rebels, they come from Ground Zero Games in their Colonial Defence Forces range. I bought these ones by mistake, actually, as I wanted the ones in the field caps, but I'll pick some of those up in future.

Next up is a Bounty Hunter who looks similar to the 'blink-and-you'll-miss-him' Bossk. This is quite a big figure, but will make a nice character.

Here we have a Lando Calrissian stand-in. I am not very keen on the sculpt of this figure, but it will work on the table.

And finally, three NPCs or two young force users and a pirate/smuggler. These are quite small sculpts, when stood next to the GZG figures, so they may work as teenagers and the like.

The last few figures all came from 15mm.co.uk from their various ranges. This collection of figures is not the last in my Star Wars project, but just some that I had started and not finished off. Check back in future as I add more figures to my forces.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cool as always, I know sooner or later star wars is going to tempt me! and of course your posts don't help! LoL

    1. Cheers Russ, this is a pretty cheap way of doing the Star Wars Miniatures Battles, the most expensive thing being the Stormtroopers that I bought! Everything else was pennies. It's worth considering!!


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