British Artillery from The Great War

A long time ago I painted one of the 18lbers that came with The Great War board game from The Plastic Soldier Company. It had sat this way until I decided to finish off all the artillery that came with my Kickstarter edition of the game, I worked on the Germans first then turned my attention to the Brits.

As with the German artillery, these have no real use in the game, so they will be seconded to Square Bashing. Also, basing helps as the model is slightly nose heavy and tips up easily.

They were a lot easier to paint than the German guns, and I already had one painted, so they took no time at all to finish off.

As I mentioned these will add to the guns I already have for Square Bashing and will allow for bigger games. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Really great work, made them come alive. Mine are still sat in a draw. The Tank Expansion that was kickstarted last years is supposed to come with rules for on table artillery so you might get them in a game yet.



    1. Thanks Pete. Yes, these sat around for a while. So, I was glad to have them finished. I didn't realise there was rules for artillery in the expansion, that will be useful! I have already put in for the Tank expansion as well!

  2. How did you get these? I bought the base game and tank expansion but don't have the feild guns

  3. Are there british and German feild guns? In the tank expansion it's says there is only two German guns in the book


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