1st Netherlands Heavy Cavalry in 6mm

Now that I have finished all the infantry for I Corps of the Allied army of the 100 Days Campaign, it's time to sort out the cavalry units that are attached to the unit in the Bl├╝cher cards.

Of these, there are three bases, the first of which is the 1st Dutch/Belgian Heavy Cavalry brigade. This unit was commanded by Maj-Gen. Jonkheer Trip and consisted of the regiments of the 1st (Dutch) Carabinier, 2nd (Belgian) Carabinier and 3rd (Dutch) Carabinier. The Dutch units are resplendent in their bicorns!

Thankfully, Baccus do the Netherland heavy cavalry, but disguised as Russian and Spanish Cuirassiers.

The three regiments of cavalry give this base a heavy packed feel and really fits the heavy cavalry idea.

Also, I came across the Hanoverian flags which I used for the last infantry base I completed. As I mentioned, I found these flags in a thread about someone else's Waterloo project, so I cannot claim any credit for them, neither can I verify if they are correct. I am merely reposting them here for other people's use (right click, then click 'save picture', paste it on to a Word document and print them!):

Two generic flags:


Duke of York:

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  1. Your certainly building your collection at a pace!

    1. Cheers Russ, it's taking a while and I am hoping to have a bit of a break over XMas, but I'm happy with the rate I'm going.

  2. Your certainly building your collection at a pace!


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