1st Netherland Light Cavalry Brigade in 6mm

The penultimate unit of I Corps of the Allied Army in the 100 Days Campaign is the 1st Netherlands light cavalry brigade. It has two formations, the 4th (Dutch) light Dragoons (in dark blue) and the 8th (Belgian) Hussars (in light blue). The figures, as ever, came from the ever excellent Baccus.

I wasn't sure that the blue of the 8th Hussars was too light, but I needed a contrast with the darkness of the blue of the Dragoons to make the units obviously different. However, at this small scale, shades of colour are tough to see anyway, so it works.

This is the second of three cavalry bases which support I Corps in the Bl├╝cher 100 Days Campaign Cards that I have completed, so there isn't long to go until the full corps is finished.

The cavalry bases seem to build up a lot quicker than the infantry bases, this may be because there are fewer figures on the base in comparison, but they look as filled out as their footslogger comrades.

As I mentioned, there is one more base left to do for the entire Corps, so check back in future when I complete that one! 

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