1st Dutch/Belgian Brigade (Detmers) in 6mm

The penultimate infantry unit of Allied I Corps from the Blücher 100 Days Campaign is the 1st Dutch/Belgian Brigade of the 3rd Netherlands Division, commanded by Colonel Detmers. This unit largely consisted of conscripts from Belgium and Holland, organised into six battalions, namely the 2nd (Dutch) Line, 4th (Dutch) Line, 6th (Dutch) Line, 17th (Dutch) Militia, 19th (Dutch) Militia and the 35th (Belgian) Jager. Despite their conscript and militia status, this brigade broke the Middle Guard at Waterloo.

The unit is 'overstrength' in the Blücher rules, which is why it has five units on the base. I left off the Belgian Jaegers, as skirmishers are not included in the unit traits and I didn't want to cause confusion during a game.There are occasional compromises to make in these bases.

The Dutch and Belgian troops were only awarded colours after the 100 Days Campaign, so I was able to leave off the flags for these units. They may have carried various banners into battle, but my limited research showed that this is still debatable and I couldn't find any examples of them anyway.

I like the 'chunky' look of the five battalion base, it certainly looks like it packs some weight.

Only one more base to finish now and I will have the infantry elements of I Corps completed. So check back for further updates.

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