2nd KGL Brigade in 6mm

This unit of the 2nd King's German Legion gave me a few sleepless nights trying to work out what to do with them for Blücher. The brigade was made up of two line battalions and two light battalions and the light battalions were equipped and fought much the same way as the celebrated Rifles in other British units. With this in mind I was told that the skirmishers would not fight in formation, so I set about covering the front of the base in individual riflemen.

However, I later found out that Light battalions would only deploy half their number as skirmishers, the others fighting in ranks. By this time I had already completed the basing and was moving on to another base! So this is why this base looks like it does:

In the future, I may go back and revisit this base, but for now I am half-happy with how it looks.

This Brigade was led by Col. Baron Ompteda and defended La Haye Sainte on the day of Waterloo. All the figures are from Baccus and the flags were sourced from Napflags, I resized them for 6mm and printed them.

With another Brigade finished (for now) for I Corps of the Allied army, I am not far off finishing the full corps.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely stuff, they do make a really big impact for such small figures, top marks as always

    1. Thanks Russ. I really like the look of 6mm, it certainly adds an epic feel to Napoleonic gaming.

  2. I agree with Russ, another great looking base of figures, if you keep this up I may end up buying the rules!

    Can't wait to see them all together once all completed.

    1. Thanks Iain, I really recommend the rules. They are simple, fast and make for a very enjoyable game with a good Napoleonic feel. Plus you can buy the cards to get started straight away, without descending into the madness I have pushed myself...

      Don't worry, when I have completed the full I Corps, I will post photos of the entire lot!

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