Men in White

You may remember that a while ago I bought a few few Curious Chaps from [REDACTED]. I bought enough to make a platoon of four 8 man squads which should be enough for my needs as Star Wars Miniatures Battles is skirmish level. This is the first eight troopers (Red Squad), one of which is armed with a heavy blaster.

They are all mounted individually on some circular MDF bases that I bought from somewhere, specifically for these figures (I hope I can remember where for future reference...). They were pretty easy to paint, I undercoated them in Black then painted the White over the top of that leaving lines for the armour. This was then touched up with thin lines of black. I decided against any shading, at this scale it would be hard to see anyway.

I have found that these figures are.. ahem... a little short for Stormtroopers, but they suit my purposes at the moment. I have some more 15mm Star Wars stand-ins on the way, so keep checking back for more updates on them!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Now they take me back a few years! I think most kids who grew up with star wars will know that feeling. The first three films definalty made a huge impression on me, who wouldn't want an army of storm troopers.

    1. Yeah man, exactly. I am not such a big fan of Sci-Fi, but I love Star Wars. I always have. Like you, I love the first three films, but I pay little attention to the prequals. Glorified toy adverts in my opinion!

  2. from where did you get the stormtroopers? I have the Wizards collectible ones, which provide plenty of gear in 25mm, but I agree that 15mm would be a better scale for any modern combat game [which is what SW is IMHO].


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