Softly, softly, chatchee monkey...

Working away is really taking its toll on my painting, weekends are rushed affairs when I barely get an hour to throw some paint around. However, it is coming to an end and soon I'll be working a lot closer to home, this means a bit more leisure time, which in turn means more painting. This weekend was my birthday weekend, so I was determined to get some time with the brushes, in fact I was under orders from my better half. I managed to finish off the rest of the Baccus 6mm British Napoleonic infantry that have been hanging around for a while and I also mounted them on the Blücher specific base, that I bought from Sally 4th.

On the advice of my chum, I have based them in two 32 figure battalions (Blücher works on Brigade level), but unfortunately, I have no skirmishers for this first unit. Future bases will have four figures at the front to represent them.I am still debating whether to use the time honoured Men in Green, or just use the light companies.

Also missing are the flags, stupidly, I forgot to buy some in my initial order. So this will have to wait until I can flag-up properly. I didn't use everything in the pack on the base, and here are the left over figures. They may come in useful in the future. 

It is the Joy of Six show in Sheffield next weekend, so I will be buying more Baccus figures (and flags) and begin the Napoleonic project proper! As I mentioned, this weekend was my birthday weekend (the actual day is Tuesday, but as I am working away my fiancée wanted to celebrate with me this weekend) and I got some presents, these are the ones that may be of interest to readers of this blog:

Also, Dean and Ninjasaurus Rex joined us for a games day on Saturday, where we played Pandemic (we lost), Ticket To Ride (Dean won) and Agricola. The latter game I won, with 40 points, my personal best, Dean came second with 30 points and Ninjasaurus Rex came last with 1 point. Whilst our farms were shining beacons of 17th Century farming, Rex's starving family clung to life in ramshackle buildings which were lit only by the soft glow of a burning pile of anthrax riddled sheep carcasses.

Thanks for reading!