Lancer 20mm German Field Telephones

When I ordered the British infantry from Lancer Miniatures, I also put a couple of German field telephonists into the order. Again, Lancer have excelled with these lovely figures, which adds a little bit of depth to my forces. Here they are from the front:

Both were painted in Sidney Roundwood's style, except I highlighted the tunics and trousers in German WW2 Fieldgrey. They'll both be useful for calling in that SOS artillery barrage.

As ever, I am still selling some pre-painted rubble on EBay, if anyone who runs a blog is interested in reviewing some for me, drop me a line and I can sort you out with a free sample.

Otherwise, find it for sale HERE.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice work on the figures- got many uses in a game.



    1. Thanks Pete! Yeah, these will be a nice touch for the skirmishes. Plus they'll be a bullet magnet just to stop the artillery...


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