Full Fallschirmjäger Battalion

I finished off the rest of the Fallschirmjäger unit the other day. It's a full Battalion for use in Rapid Fire! Here are the support elements of a 75mm Infantry gun, 2 x 80mm Mortars and 2 x MMGs:

The main body of soldiers is the three companies of ten men commanded by a HQ of four men.

All together they make an impressive sight on the table!

I have a few other spare guns which I may add to this little force and another almost full battalion's worth of men in the lead pile. It just needs the support elements adding, which may be a project for the future, but thanks for looking!


  1. Shouldn't that 7.5cm gun be a , 7.5cm LG40 recoilless gun ?

    1. Deleted the last reply, a quick bit of research has told me that they ditched the recoilless guns after they stopped airborne ops: http://www.bayonetstrength.150m.com/German/german_parachute_battalion.htm

  2. Very inspiring! Makes me want to get on with my own Fallschirmjager force.


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