Triples 2014

I spent the morning and early afternoon over at Triples, the annual wargames show put on by Sheffield Wargames Group. It's my local show, so I always like to attend and I always end up buying things. This year was a great show actually, there was a lot of games going on and many more participation games than last year, I noticed!

As I went around the demo and participation games I took photos, here they all are with what I remember about each game. I didn't take photos of everything, but this is a selection of what was there. First up was my favourite board layout, a Franco-Prussian game set in January and on a suitably wintery looking board:

Isandlwana played out in 6mm (?). Another excellent board with correct terrain for the battle!

A shoot out in an MDF Western Town. These cheap(ish) wooden buildings ave really taken off and look excellent in a set up like this!

This fort was part of an excellent Indian Wars game.

As were the Indians canoeing up the river to attack the fort!

I met my mate McGurk at this Wars of the Roses engagement at St. Albans.

Close by, but separated by several hundred years was the fight for Stalingrad, all in 54mm!

This was some of the detailing from an Ancients game, I particularly liked the goddess statue at the top of the hill...

...and the view down from the top towards the advancing hordes!

Another Stalingrad game, this one incorporated the sewer system of the city.

Whoever had built this castle had spent a long, long time putting all the individual bricks together...

But it made an impressive set piece for a massive medieval game.

I particularly liked this Samurai battle, the buildings could be removed to reveal ruined versions below.

In the smaller room, Junkers 52s approached an enemy coast (England?)

Whilst a trench raid got underway.

And more Samurai action, with a skirmish game featuring a crawling ninja!

And more MDF buildings were mixed into the terrain in this Bolt Action game.

And just what did I buy (along with Dean and Ninjasaurus)? This stash of goodies:

The three of us finished the afternoon of with a game of Settlers of Catan, accompanied by beer and pizza. Dean won.


  1. Thanks! The post got my gaming mojo all excited!


    1. No problem Jay! I'm glad you enjoyed the PIZZA!!!

  2. Some very cool looking games there!

    1. There really were this year! I only took photos of a small portion of what was actually there as well!

  3. So many beautiful pictures, love these tables!

  4. nice games , good score there too..

    1. Thanks Dave, yeah, it was a sea of eye candy. I am slowy picking my way through the swag!


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