Sturm Abteilung Vor!

If I waited for Dean to finish off the Germans he's been painting for Through the Mud and the Blood, the centenary would be over before we managed to have a game... So, I decided to paint my own, to speed things up. 

I am just kidding, but I did want some late war Germans to use for the game and as Dean is concentrating on early war Germans I bought a box of the Caesar German WW1 Army figures. They promptly arrived and I was quite impressed with the figures overall. However, they are German Stormtroops, not regular army. It appears to be quite difficult to get hold of 20mm Late War Regular Army Germans as most manufacturers concentrate their efforts on these elite units instead...

The box has 45 figures in 12 different poses, some of which are quite dynamic, including a guy wielding a trench club. However, there are a few too many trench armoured figures. Although it was used, the armour was quite rare as it was found to be too cumbersome for combat. I also found that some of the soft plastic was bent and proved difficult to bend back into shape.

I started with the first section of eight men, just as a tester. They were painted using Sidney Roundwood's late war German template as a starting point. However, I thought that the German Uniform/German Grey mix for the tunics and trousers was slightly too grey for my tastes, so I highlighted the uniform in World War Two Feldgrau, instead.

The bases were in keeping with the British units that I have already painted.

I then quickly added a second section plus two Big Men to the mix, so now I have half a platoon ready.

I did run out of usable poses in the box after putting together a third section (still waiting to be painted), so I will have to get some metal figures to add to the force. Plus I need some support in the form of Machine Guns and Mortars, so it is still far from done at the moment, but thanks for looking!


  1. Nice work on these. I'm curious, which poses were unusable?


    1. Thank you! There are a couple of chaps just standing, one with a gasmask and a knife and the other with trench armour on (again...). I can use them as sentries, but the gasmask one also has loads of stick grenades stuffed into his pockets, so doesn't really work as a sentry!

  2. these are just fine , Emhar do a set Germans and Revell but they are very rare ..

    1. Thanks! Yep, I've seen both on the Plastic Soldier Review, but I wasn't keen on the Emhar ones and as you say, the Revell ones are as rare as hen's teeth. I used to have a set when I was a kid... If only I'd hung onto them!


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