Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

I continued work on the Emhar Mark IV, starting with weathering the tank. For this, I used the Games Workshop Brown Ink Wash (or Gary Gygax's Beard Hair Dye, or whatever they call it...) liberally applied all over the vehicle. when that was dry I then added some grease stains and the like with GW's black ink as well and I was pretty pleased with the results:

I spent a bit of time thinking about mud on the vehicle, I didn't want it covered, but enough to look like it had just driven across a pulverised battlefield. So, I covered the bottom parts in PVA and sand, this helped to blend the tank into the base. This was then painted in German Camo Black Brown, drybrushed with Khaki.  Also adding to the effect was drybrushing Khaki up the rest of the track. This was to represent the dust from dried mud rather than clods of earth as lumps of mud probably wouldn't make it this high when the vehicle was moving due to gravity. I also gave the tracks a brown inkwash in some places for good measure.

The base was detailed like the infantry bases, with static grass and broken cork pieces. I also added a few grass tufts to break up the shape further and we are now ready to teach the Beastly Hun a lesson with Professor Tank!


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