Five Uncle Joes and an Award

I found out last weekend Jay at Jay's Miniatures Enterprises Blog nominated me for the most prestigious of awards; the coveted Leibster Award!

Humbled by his action, but not being entirely able to work out what the Liebster Award is, here are my nominations:

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Roundwood's World
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Shed Wars
The Angry Lurker

OK, now with that out of the way, let's get down to the meat of this post...

Plastic Soldier Company have recently released the late war Soviet IS-II in a five tank box. I got my 15mm set at Triples last weekend and finished them off over the week. Here they are!

There is the option to make the IS-I, IS-85 and of course the IS-II. I went for the IS-II option on all the vehicles for the simple reason that there were only about 100 IS-85s completed and the few hundred IS-Is that were completed didn't reach combat units before being upgraded to IS-IIs anyway!

As these tanks were first issued to combat units in 1944, it is reasonable to assume that they would have the white aerial recognition bands around the turrets and I painted these as though they have been applied quickly in the field.

Stowage came from Skytrex and Reiver Castings, as I am desperately awaiting the release of stowage sets by PSC (if you're reading this, I am begging you to release them, I LOVE stowage!!)

Now they just need to take to the field and duel with some big cats, but that is for another time. Thanks for looking!


  1. nice , i'm starting to like psc kits & those pegasus kits too ( 1;72 ) my scale .. they need a shop down here in NZ lol ..

    1. I think the PSC kits are the best by far, with Zvezda coming in a close second. I'm looking forward to their new releases with great anticipation. Are the postage rates to NZ rubbish?

  2. Congrats and thanks sir, I love those tanks and may even get some for my African wars game.

    1. No problem, my good man. I certainly recommend these IS-IIs, PSC really improve with each release!


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