What Did You Do In The Centenary, Daddy?

I have just finished the full 20mm British Platoon for Through the Mud and Blood, they were finished off with the addition of a metal section from Early War Miniatures, for a great price of £7 for ten figures. They complete the company as a rifle section with an NCO Big Man. I haven't used the Lewis gun team yet.

They are lovely figures, really nicely proportioned and in good poses. I will certainly be bulking out more units with EWM figures in the future.

I also added a Vickers HMG team from the HaT box of British Heavy Weapons.

Again, these are nice figures, not that machine guns make much of an appearance in Mud and Blood, they appear to be more of an off board type thing, but you never know, I may well find a use for them.

So here is the complete platoon, the four sections are the riflemen, Lewis gun, bombers and rifle grenadiers along with the HMG, sniper and a collection of Big Men.

I'm just awaiting Dean to finish off his Germans, so we can have our first game of Mud and Blood. As he keeps getting distracted by other shiny things, it may be some time yet...


  1. good mix there ,So these are one platoon size game ?

    1. Thanks Dave, Through the Mud and Blood can be played with any number of figures between about 30 and 130. Most of the scenarios I have seen have an attack force of two platoons, but they are playable with just one!


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