Fallschirmjäger WIP

I have been super busy since getting back from France last week, the archaeological survey project which I set up on the Barnsley Pals training camp begins a week on Monday, plus I am giving a paper at a conference on Saturday and teaching a workshop the following Saturday! So I have been at the computer drawing and writing and generally getting a massive headache.

With all this going on, my gaming activities have taken a back step at the moment. However, before I went to France, I dug out my old collection of Peter Pig's Fallschirmjäger, some figures I have had for over twenty years. They were originally based for a skirmish game and bore no relation to the OOBs of Rapid Fire! With this in mind, I ordered a few new packs of PP's Fallschirmjäger which had arrived by the time I returned home. I noted that they had been redesigned in the time since I had originally bought mine and the new ones looked like excellent sculpts. I organised them into Rapid Fire! units and based them and this is the point they are at right now, with still a lot to do!

As there was little information on OOBs for the Fallschirmjäger, I asked on TMP for advice and was given the following lists, by Dom of Dom's Decals:

HQ – CO + 3 men, Panzerschreck.
3 Rifle Coys – 10 men each.
Support Coy – 15 men, 2x 81mm mortar, 75mm IG, 2 MMGs.

I chucked in a Panzerfaust to each of the companies to add to the AT value of each unit and actually found I had ordered enough figures for two battalions (minus the support company). The second battalion will be completed in time.

Further to this, as it has been twenty plus years since I even painted a single Para smock, I did a bit of research online and found the following Vallejo colours recommended for the Stumpfmuster 43 smock pattern: German Camo Beige (821) as the base coat, highlighted by Iraqui Sand (819), with German Dark Green (896) and Flat Brown (984) as the disruptive pattern. I painted three of my old minis as a tester, the two on the outside were inkwashed with dark oak varnish, the chap in the middle with black writing ink. Of the three I think he came out the best as the other two looked a little muddy, I am of the opinion these days that the varnish wash may work well with 28mm figures, but obscures 15mm minis too much, unless the clothing is light in colour.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, I really must get on with painting these figures! Thanks for looking!


  1. looking good! Peter Pig troops rock!

    1. Cheers Jay, yeah PP make some good little chaps!


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