M4A4 Shermans

Dean gave me six Sherman Vs that he had got from the Open Fire! Box Set produced by Battlefront. In the box set they are intended to be British vehicles, but I wanted some support for my new American forces and these would stand in as M4A4s instead. Half the work was done for me as Dean had already painted them.

I removed the British commanders and added American ones I had left over from my Plastic Soldier Company's M5 Stuarts.

I also added some stowage from Reiver Castings and Command Decision, along with American stars from Dom's Decals.

One inkwash and dry brush with Khaki later and they were done. I like the magnetic turrets so they can be revolved during games and add a bit of flavour to proceedings.

The green Dean used is a little brighter than the usual Brown Violet I would use on American vehicles, but it's not enough to give me sleepless nights, so I let it go. These should give the German armour something to think about!