Plenty of Plastic

I have just built my first M5 Stuart light tank in 15mm. It's from Plastic Soldier Company and is a lovely little kit and goes together really easily. Just like all PSC products. It will be used in service with my recently completed American soldiers for Rapid Fire!

My only gripe is that there is a lot of left overs on the sprue, as shown above. There's two full hulls and a set of tracks, along with half a turret. It's almost enough to build another vehicle, but not quite! I understand about the range of options PSC give you and the need to fill up sprues, but it sometimes just feels like a bit of a waste of plastic. However, what I will do is make several wrecks from the leftovers. 

In other news, I bought a DBA army of 15th Century Wallachia from Essex Miniatures the other day, it's the army of Vlad Dracul (more commonly known as The Impaler) and I have wanted to get his army together for a few years now. I also bought the actual Vlad figure from East Riding Miniatures, the rest of the army has yet to turn up, but this package arrived this morning. It's a lovely little figure and is obviously based on Vlad's portrait (no pictures yet as it's still unpainted) and I'm looking forward to completing the army and impaling some sense into the Turks!


  1. Nice work, AbS. And extra sprue and parts were definitely made for parts to ship via freight etc., and junk piles, IMHO). Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Jay, yeah, I can understand that. I was looking at them again the other night and thought the addition of a hull bottom instead of a hull top would allow one to make a Recce version of the M5...


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