Mardy Bums

I bought a trio of Marder II (Sd. Kfz. 131) on EBay a long, long time ago. They came pre-painted and were not from a manufacturer I recognised, I don't even remember the seller's name and they could very well be knock offs as they are resin bodies with metal guns. I didn't really like the paint jobs on them as it was pretty basic. I never really did anything with them until a few days ago, when I thought I'd give them a going over to try to improve them a little. First off, I added some crew members from Command Decision and some stowage from various other places.

Then the crappy paintwork was ink washed in Chocolate Brown with the Reflective Green camo pattern added on top. The tracks were painted in my usual style and the tools picked out, finally the bases were painted in Dark Green, ink washed with Flat Earth and dry brushed Yellow.

With a couple of decals from QRF they were finished. It was a very simple and quick job to pretty them up and they fit in better with my other toys now.

I just need an excuse to use them against some Soviets! Thanks for looking!