1/14th Punjab Battalion for Malaya

This week I managed to finish off my version of the 1/14th Punjab Battalion from the A. Michael Sayce Malaya Campaign source book. I snatched a few hours here and there to get these lads finished, I don't think they are the best figures I've ever produced, but hey ho.

The battalion is painted and organised along the same lines as my other British Forces in Malaya, namely:

HQ = CO + 6 figs (1 x Boys A/T rifle, 1 x 2" mortar)
3 x Infantry Companies, each with 8 figures (1 x SMG, 6 x rifles 1 x Bren)

They are from the Peter Pig 8th Army range with a few modifications. As the PP Indian figure packs are few in number one has to take the clippers to some of the other 8th Army figures. The Boys A/T Rifle man, 2" mortar crew and CO figure all lost their heads, to be replaced by ones with turbans from PP's heads range.

After I'd had the figures delivered I was looking through my Osprey Indian Army book only to find that the Turbans seem to be wrong on these figures. It appears that the typical turban in the Far East was of the pointed style, as rather charmingly modelled by this chap here:

It's a minor discrepancy and as long as no one tells Ninjasaurus Rex, so he can't mock me for historical inaccuracy, it'll be alright...

This project is coming along nicely, but I will need at least two more Japanese battalions and a third British battalion plus their support weapons to play a decent game, so it's a wee while off at the moment.


  1. Bloody hell, that was quick! Your prolificacy puts me to shame- can't wait to see your next entry.

    Ps. Ha! I see you're finally using "Malaya" ;)

    1. Thanks, afewroundsmore, I have slowed down actually, as I am writing a dissertation due in about two weeks. So at the moment, little men are on the back burner. I manage to snatch an hour or so to paint bits and pieces here and there, but after the 25th things should pick up. The next few posts will be old models that I have lying around, rather than newer stuff, unfortunately.

      Yes, the Malaya/Malaysia thing was pointed out to me, so I thought I'd best start using the correct term... :)


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