100th post and some Russian Zis3 A/T Guns

Welcome to my 100th blog post, wow, how time flies! Anyhow, I told a lie in a recent post, saying that the KV-2s were the last of my Triples Stash, it turns out I was wrong and I still had these 15mm Plastic Soldier Company ZiS-3 A/T guns to finish off! So, I did. Here they are on the workbench:

And in a defensive position guarding a road:

As with all PSC products they were a pleasure to build and paint, my only gripe being the that the figures are a bit flat and typical in their poses.

There always seems to be a commander pointing with field glasses...

But overall, they are a great set, I wanted to build the A/T gun version, but the box allows for the ZiS-2 field gun version as well, I'll probably pick up another set in the future for that purpose.

I hope you like them and thanks for looking!


  1. They look good. What's your take on their durability? The projecting barrels could be an issue.


    1. Thanks! I have yet to use them in a game, but they seem pretty solid as they are only three pieces when constructed. I would assume that they are as hardy as metal ones though.


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