1/35th Tamiya Panzer II WIP pt.3

I found an hour to paint up the four Afrika Korps figures that go with the Panzer II which I am currently building. I used a combination of the following Vallejo paints procured from a list I found on TMP.

Uniform: Yellow Ochre 913, Khaki 988, Desert Yellow 977
Webbing: Sand Yellow 916
Helmet: Tan Yellow 912
Boots: Red Leather 818 

I painted each figure with a different uniform combination, just to break up the unit. DAK uniforms suffered very badly in the harsh conditions, plus extra supplies were also taken from British and Italian stocks, so this mix is reasonably correct and gives the men a rag-tag feel.

They await their equipment, but that is the next stage and shouldn't take long. There is a distinct lack of detail on the figures, being old Tamiya models, so they look a little basic. At least that is my excuse for the shoddy paint jobs...

Other than that, I have added stowage to the Panzer. I bought a set of Panzer II resin stowage from Legend. I found it on Ebay for about £7 including postage from Hong Kong! It's nice stuff and I didn't use it all up, so there's plenty for my next tank!

I have a base that I will mount the tank and figures on over the coming weeks. But, as always, that is in the future... Thanks for looking!