Zvezda Panzer IVD and some World War One training trenches

These are the first pieces I have finished from the my Triples stash. It is the Zvezda 1/100 Panzer IVD. I wasn't very keen on this kit, the usual clean lines that you find with Zvezda just were not apparent and detail was lacking. Still, they will make some heavy support to the rapidly growing early WW2 German force I have and the detail will not be seen from arm's length anyway. I added stowage from the usual suspects of Battlefront, Command Decision and PSC.

Also, recently as part of a project for work I took a trip to Silverwood Cub Scout Camp near Barnsley, South Yorkshire to have a look at the barracks of the Barnsley Pals (13/14th (Service) Battalion) and some training trenches they excavated in early 1915. These are the remaining hut bases from the barracks, there are probably a lot more still remaining across the site.

I believe these to be the remains of the training trenches the men would have dug whilst they were billeted close by.

The right angled cut at the bottom of the picture could be the remains of a trench cut right angle.

The features are eroded and wide through decades of having cub scouts running up and down the banks.

The memorial for the 13/14th (Service) Battalion close to the woods.

Thanks for looking!