My To-Do Pile

Here is my current to-do pile, it is the smallest it has been for a long time, but consists of

Elf blood bowl team
Halfling Blood Bowl Team
1/48th scale P-51

1/48th scale Roland CII
1/48th scale Pfalz DIII
1/35th Scale Panzer II and Soldiers
15mm Japanese Battalion and tanks
15mm German Paratroopers repaint and rebase
15mm Waffen SS repaint and rebase
15mm American WW2 repaint and rebase
15mm Russian WW2 various
15mm German WW2 various
1/144th Stuka and Sturmovik

15mm BA-10
Six buildings
Half a shoe box of German, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian and Russian tank/artillery crew and various other bits
Ruined walls for Square Bashing Scenery

I tried not to buy anything to add to it, but couldn't help myself and six StuG B by Zvezda are on their way to me...


  1. Lots of work here...have lots of fun, Sir.

    1. Thanks Jay, I am determined to get it a lot smaller as soon as possible!


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