JU87D Stuka 'White Milk'

Things have slowed down a little, as I have just moved house and don't have an internetz connection yet, plus I have an essay to finish in the next couple of weeks and painting and such has taken a back seat. I am posting some of my older projects.

This is not strictly wargaming, but modelling again, this is model kit I was bought for a birthday a while back, a Fujima JU87D Stuka 'White Milk'. It's 1/72nd scale and I thought the paint scheme was interesting. I like the Stuka, I like the ugly shape of the thing. It makes it look menacing and reminds me of the Hawker Typhoon.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

This is the model pre-weathered:

And when I had finished weathering it:

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. That´ Looks really good.
    I don´t remember ever seeing a White Ju88 before,

  2. Me too...1st I can remember seeing a white JU87. Looks great.

  3. Thanks guys, I thought it was a strange one as well, not your usual scheme!!


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