Plastic Soldier Company Tiger I

This is the finished product of a box of Plastic Soldier Company's Tiger Is which I picked up around Christmas and have only just got around to completing. There is a lot of choice in the box for variants and I went for the late war version. My only problem with this is that there is a lot of plastic left over after building, but this will all go into the bits box!

According to the Rapid Fire! second supplement there is enough cats for the HQ (1 vehicle) and a tank company (3 vehicles) of a German Heavy Tank Battalion (mid 1943-1945).

I also have another company of Peter Pig's Tigers, so that's over half the battalion. I just need to add the Wirbelwind AA vehicle to the HQ to finish off, but that is for another day!


Thanks for looking around the cattery! I have been working on a lot of German stuff of late so I think I will switch back to the Soviets as I have a box of T-70s and five BA-10 waiting for me... Keep tuned as I churn those out!


  1. Great modeling. And please don't point the barrels at me! (:0)>

  2. Thanks Jay, you'd better keep your head down!!

  3. Those are nice looking and you did a stellar job on the cammo!

    1. Thanks Anne, that means a lot coming from such a stellar painter as yourself!


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