Plastic Soldier Company T-70

Following on from my tank track tutorial, here are the finished Plastic Soldier Company T-70s. These are lovely little models and you get five in a box like most PSC tanks. They were very easy to build and paint. It was just Vallejo Russian Green, inkwashed in black and drybrushed with a mix of Russian Green and White. I'll fit these in somewhere with my early war Soviet forces and here they are:

And as I have the whole week off work to attend stag dos and two weddings here is a little bonus in the shape of a fleet of Zvezda Opel Blitzes, which I finished about a month ago but forgot about!

Happy Ishtar!


  1. Nice tanks and trucks! Have fun on your week off and don't kill any clay pigeons :)

    1. Thanks Anne, the clay pigeon shooting went well, it was a massacre!


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