1/144th Sopwith Pup

Recently a Czech model company,Valom, have released their new 1/144th Sopwith Pup kit. Being an avid player of Wings of Glory/War I thought I'd add to my collection with one of their duo packs. I got it through Rapier Miniatures for £12.00 and this is the kit straight out of the box. You'll notice some parts are photo-etched, the struts and the undercarriage along with the control stick and tail skid:

It's by no means an easy kit, being so small, but with some patience, a pair of tweezers and a lot of swearing I managed to get the top wing on OK. I put in the cabine struts by the cockpit last after the wing was fixed to the four outer struts. The pilot is one from Peter Pig's range of 1/144th aircrew as the Valom kit isn't supplied with one.

The wheels and landing struts went on pretty easily as well, I am dreading the next one as I'm sure this luck can't last... Here it is complete, but unpainted.

There are several schemes for the aircraft, including a Imperial Japanese Airforce Scheme (!), but I chose the simplest, a British scheme from 1917. I am in the middle of researching further markings on Pups (if anyone can direct me to any websites, please leave a link below!).

The tailplane was hand painted as I didn't trim the decal down enough and it looked messy. I used the following Vallejo colours for the paint: Brown Violet for the upper surfaces, Iraqui Sand for the underside and Beige Brown for the wood.

I am also in two minds as the whether to give the aircraft a wash of ink. The official Wings of Glory models are not shaded, so it may stand out if I do.

All in all it's a nice little kit that will look good in the rest of my collection. It wasn't as tricky as I thought to build, but I have a bit of experience in building 1/72nd scale biplanes, so maybe that helped. It's certainly not a starter kit though! A little tip is to actually paint the model in its base colours while it is still on the sprue as painting it after it is built gets a bit tricky being so small, then all you need to do is touch it up and detail it.

It's great to see that someone is producing 1/144th scale WW1 kits, maybe it will give other manufacturers the nudge! I'm surprised that Valom chose to release a Sopwith Pup first, I would have thought they would have gone with a more popular design, maybe an SE5A or a Camel. I guess they are filling the gap in the market left by the WoW miniatures, but having said that, the next release is a Fokker DVII, which is already available in the WoW line. I'll probably get a box of those as well, some decals from Dom's Decals and start on a full Jasta!

I give this an 8 out of 10!


  1. Saw you TMP. Nice modeling!

  2. Thanks Jay, I'm currently building the second one in the box!

  3. Thanks Jon! I'm glad you liked it!

  4. Hi,

    You can find some useful information on Sopwith Pup colour schemes here;

    hope that helps?

    Also you have a great mat for your WW1, where did you get it?



    1. Thanks Ugblud, that's a great link. The mat came from here: http://www.terrainmat.com/ they have a big range, mine came from their WW1 range!


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