The Gouged Eye

Taking advantage of the recent white out across Britain, that invariably brings the entire country to a halt I managed to finish off my latest Blood Bowl team, The Gouged Eye Orcs. This is another metal team that I picked up on EBay, these took quite a while to paint, what with the amount of detail in straps and bits and pieces that Orcs appear to collect. I wanted the armour to look in pretty bad shape and rusty as I figured Orcs probably don't spend too much time making themselves look nice for a match. I do find that a lot of the paint jobs on Blood Bowl figures make them look like showroom examples rather than a bunch of fellas who have been kicking the tar out of one another for two hours, so my teams try to reflect this damage.

Anyway, enough waffle from me, here are some pictures:

I'm currently on the look out for an Ogre team and there will be a Giants versus the Eye match report coming son, so stay tuned, sports fans!!