Square Bashing Boche

Following on from my previous post about my British Square Bashing army, here, I present my Late War German army. This was based around one of Peter Pig's 'Black Box' armies, with some additions, like Stormtroopers, to build up the numbers. All the figures, artillery and captured Mark IV Tank are from Peter Pig, the A7V is from Quick Reaction Force.

The force consists of:
  • 2 x Higher Command
  • 8 x Regular Infantry Battalions
  • 4 x Stormtrooper Battalions
  • 17 x Machine Guns
  • 12 x Minenwerfer (mortars)
  •  9 x 7.7cm Field Guns
  • 6 x 10.5cm Howitzers
  • 4 x Stormtrooper Field Guns
  • 2 x Heavy Tanks (Mark IV and A7V)

Higher Command, hiding behind a wall!

Stretcher Bearers


Captured Mark IV

Like my British army, this army is based on the original version of Square Bashing, so there may actually be too many of some units for the Second Edition of the rules. The two stretcher bearers are not used in the rules, but I like to have them on the game board almost as terrain pieces.