200th Tank Brigade at Verkhopenye

Following on from the previous post of the Großdeutschland at Verkhopenye, here are their opponents for the Rapid Fire! Verkhopenye scenario; the 200th Soviet Tank Brigade with attached elements. As mentioned previously, when I play tested this scenario there were many burning Soviet tanks by the end of the game. I put it down to bad dice rolls, rather than bad leadership. Next time I will be luckier! The vehicles and figures are a mix of Command Decision and Flames of War, plus resin planes from Armaments in Miniature
200th Motor Rifle Battalion:

Katyusha BM-13 Rocket Launcher:

SU-76 and the SU-122:

200th Tank Brigade:

'Coffin for Seven Brothers' the M3 Lee:

Air support comes from a lend-lease P39 Airacobra (on a Wings of Glory Gotha base...):

This should have been added to the previous post, a Henschel Hs-129 with 30mm A/T gun mounted underneath. (The flight stand is from Armaments in Miniature):

All those Soviet Tanks lined up like it's May Day make a  very tempting target...

200th Tank Brigade

Brigade HQ = 1 x M3 Half Track
191st Battalion = 4 x T34/76
192nd Battalion = 2 x T34/76, 2 x M3 Lee

200th Motor Rifle Battalion

HQ = CO + 3 figures (1 x AT Rifle), 1 x Jeep
Support Company = 1 x Maxim MMG, 1 x 82mm Mortar, 1 x 57mm AT Gun, 1 x 37mm AA Gun, 3 x Trucks
3 x SMG Companies, each with 6 x SMG, 1 x Truck
Gun Company = 1 x 76.2 AT Gun, 1 x M3 Scout Car

SP Company/146th SU Regiment

1 x SU 76, 1 x SU 122

Guards Mortar Battery

1 x SP BM-13 'Katyusha'

Air Support

P39 Airacobra


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