Typhoon Mk1b

OK, this isn't exactly wargaming, but I did get into wargaming through modelling in the first place and every so often I like to break off from the little things and make a larger scale kit. In this case I had a hankering for building a Hawker Typhoon. Having a quick look around the internents for suitable kits, I settled on the Hasegawa 1/48th scale Mk1b version. A very simple and enjoyable build and it took no time to paint up. This is straight out of the box as I am not a good enough modeller to go to town and rebuild the entire cockpit in plasticard, but the results looked good enough to me!

I've always like the Typhoon for it's gull-wings and quite distinct appearance with the large air intake on the chin, a bit like a British Stuka. They did sterling work as ground attack aircraft as well.

And as a testimony to the strength of the Typhoon, here's a picture of a bunch of lads sitting on one: