Cheeky Fokkers

I have the entire collection of Wings of War models, now repackaged as Wings of Glory, but have only actually done two repaints. There's little point in me showing you my WoW collection as it can be seen anywhere else, but this post is about the repaints. I bought a set of Jasta 19 decals from the excellent Dom's Decals and two extra Fokker DrI models as subjects for my experiment.
As you can see from this period photo of Jasta 19 each plane had an individual design painted on the fuselage for each pilot. The closest Fokker to the camera is the one belonging to Leutnant Arthur Rahn, whose machine the Wings of War model is based on. 

I decided to paint my two extra Fokkers as Ltn Walter Göttsch's with the yellow upper wing and swastika design and Ltn Hans Körner's with the lightning bolts. My order from Dom included very detailed instructions on mixing the correct shades of paint and applying the decals and here are the results:

As you can see, I have yet to put the pilots in the aircraft, but that is quite a simple job with Peter Pig's 1/144th scale pilots. Göttsch was killed on 10 April 1918 with 20 victories, Körner survived the war with 7 victories but was killed in a motorcycle crash on his war to an airfield. In my first game with these new planes (along with Rahn) all three were shot down, not a very glorious start for Jasta 19! Hopefully I'll get them back in the air soon and they can do me proud!

The battered landscape above which the planes are circling is a Western Front Micro Map by Terrain Mat. Slightly pricey, but worth every penny! To wrap up this post here is a fantastic painting of Jasta 19 in flight which I found on the internet whilst researching this post. I'm afraid I don't know the name of the artist: (if any readers do, let me know in the comments please!), but it works as a great desktop wallpaper!


  1. The artist is Barry Weekley:

  2. Thanks for that ncc1717, his website is brilliant!


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