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The Falaise Pocket: A Chain of Command Solo AAR

Having painted a load of figures during the UK lockdown, I wanted to get some on the table top and at least get them through a game. Due to a crap internet connection I missed the first session of Virtual Lard 3 and was a bit annoyed to say the least, so I set up a solo game of Chain of Command that I could play. With these two factors in place, I decided it was time to try out some Americans and my German Fallschirmjäger. A quick Googling told me that the two fought one another during the Falaise Pocket operations, so I had my battle. Also, this allowed me to use some of the scenery that I recently worked on, included the bombed out church and the revisisted brick buildings. I rolled for the scenario and got a 'flank attack', so the Germans were defending a ruined village with the Americans attacking.

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